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Probolinggo city is one of 38 cities or city districts in East Java Province, located in the northern coast of Java. Probolinggo city geographically located at 7 ° 43'41 "- 7 ° 49'04" south latitude and 113 ° 10 '- 13 ° 15' east longitude and is lowland with an average altitude of ± 4 meters above sea level ,

Probolinggo city has a total area of ​​5.667.70 hectares with borders on the north by District Dringu Probolinggo district, in the south by the District Leces, District Wonomerto, District Bantaran, and the District Sumberasih that all three is an area of ​​Probolinggo. While the west by District Sumberasih Probolinggo district.

In the development of Probolinggo city implement development policies that prioritize the interest of society. This was stated in Probolinggo City Vision is "Creation of Probolinggo city as a favorable investment destination, prospective and participatory", and Probolinggo City Mission that "A society noble, independent, fair, prosperous and environmentally sustainable" that fully prioritize sustainable development, focused and on target.

City of Probolinggo sociologically dominated by Javanese and Madurese communities and some ethnic minorities, including Chinese, Arabic and migrants from other regions, with a population of 215.158 inhabitants.

In general, people in Probolinggo have social characteristics are very tolerant and uphold the values ​​that exist in society. Political conditions in general over the past decade is very conducive at all. Because people in Probolinggo itself has changed the cultural characteristics of the agrarian society into a society that urbanists.



During the reign of King Radjasanagara (Sri Nata Hayam Wuruk), King of Majapahit which to IV (1350-1389), Probolinggo known by the name "Banger", which is the name of a river flowing in the middle of the area. Banger is a small hamlet under the Akuwu in Sukodono. Banger own name Negarakertagama known from books written by famous poet Majapahit kingdom that MPU Prapanca.

In an effort to get closer to the people, then the King Hayam Wuruk accompanied Patih Amangku Earth Gadjah Mada travel around to areas among others Lumajang and Bondowoso. The trip is intended that the King can see for themselves how the lives of people in the countryside and at the same time see how far the command can be executed by his aides.

In the course of these inspections King Hayam Wuruk stop in the village of Banger, Baremi village, and the village Forms. The village now has become part of the administrative area of ​​the District Mayangan Probolinggo City (district Sukabumi, Mangunharjo, Wiroborang).

King Hayam Wuruk haven in the village Baremi, Banger and Forms, was greeted with great joy surrounding communities. On Thursday Pahing (Respati jenar) dated 4 September 1359 AD, King Hayam Wuruk orders to the people in order to expand Banger Banger by opening the forest around it which will then be used as the center of government. Command that ultimately became the foundation day of the birth of the history of the City of Probolinggo.

Banger has developed very rapidly in line with the times. This turned out to attract the attention of the BRE Wirabumi (Minakjinggo), King Blambangan ruling. Until the end Banger can be mastered by Bre Wirabumi. Banger even once the scene of civil war between the BRE Wirabumi (Blambangan) with King Wikramardhana (Majapahit), known as "War Paregreg".

In the reign of VOC, after the Company can relieve Mataram, in agreement imposed on Sunan Pakubuwono II in Mataram, the entire area east of Pasuruan, including Banger, submitted to the VOC in 1743. To lead the government in Banger, in 1746 VOC lift Kyai Djojolelono as the first regent in Banger, with Tumenggung title.

Kyai Kyai Djojolelono is the son of Bolo Djolodrijo (Kiem Boen), a governor Pasuruan. In the end Tumenggung Djojolelono replaced by Tumenggung Djojonegoro. When Tumenggung Djojonegoro took office, in 1770 the name was changed to PROBOLINGGO Banger, which in Sanskrit means Probo rays while Linggo means memorial or monument.

It has something to do with the ancient story that is the fall a luminous object (meteor) and the fall of the object by the kings formerly chosen as a place to get peace and an end to the dispute.



1. Port of Tanjung Copper

Port of Tanjung Copper is a historic port, because once on the Japanese occupation of this port as a landing place Japanese army and unloading purposes of colonization.

In the development of the Port of Tanjung Copper has been changed into a fish port, loading and unloading of large ships, ports and inter-island transit port for vessels from other regions.

Besides functioning as mentioned above, in the Port of Tanjung Copper there are some traditions and events are often held as follows:

Sya'banan Tradition : This tradition comes from the public to welcome the presence of the fasting month. Usually on the 15th of the month of Sha'ban (15 days before the month of fasting) present society by bringing food and delights while sitting at the seashore enjoying panoramic sea affected by the full moon. This tradition has been carried out by the public each year.

Sea Quotation : Every year the fishermen who are members in the Association of Fishermen have always held a ritual that has been determined to be an annual event by the City of Probolinggo namely Pick activities Sea.

This activity symbolizes an expression of gratitude to Almighty God for His mercy and grace to all people. Besides these activities aim to preserve the culture of mutual cooperation and togetherness that has been passed down through generations of ancestors so that it becomes a tradition in the area along the coast City of Probolinggo.

Competition Boat Parade : Coastal communities in tandem race decorate the ship or boat with an assortment of interesting ornaments. The competition was always able to attract tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. This activity has become an annual event and is held to coincide with the anniversary of Probolinggo on 4 September.

2. Park Seniors

Seniors (elderly) in City of Probolinggo happy with the establishment of Banff Seniors who are on the road Soekarno Hatta.

The area of ​​the park was built a Jogging Track as exercise areas, rocky road paving as a sports area and a massage place by utilizing local human resources.

Elderly park is suitable intended for the elderly, because the atmosphere of the place that a lot of trees so it was shady and cool. Further adds to the convenience for the elderly and other visitors who come to this place.

3. Town Square Probolinggo

Probolinggo Town Square is one of the alternative entertainment venues visited by many people. Probolinggo Town Square is located in the city center, so it is easier for people to visit.

In addition to the field, in Probolinggo Town Square also has a vehicle or a playground for children. Not to miss is also provided flower garden adds to the beauty and the beauty of Probolinggo City Square. This is what often makes people become fond of doing sports together on every Friday and Sunday.

In this place there is also a variety of snacks for visitors who like to relax while enjoying the typical street vendors. Especially on Sundays in the morning there is an event "Sunday Morning", where visitors will only see a variety of snacks are only traded on that day alone.

In addition, visitors will be spoiled with the beauty of various plants that are traded at an affordable price.

4. Park of Environmental Studies (TWSL) / Green Open Space (RTH)

Starting from a desire to be able to provide a recreational vehicle to relax and vehicle sound environmental study is leafy, beautiful and comfortable. Very well suited to relieve fatigue world of work and urban bustle. Then be made to the Park Environmental Studies (TWSL).

This park besides showing various and diverse types of animals, also presents various types of plants and trees so that the tourists and visitors not only recreation and relaxation, but also can add to the knowledge of the flora and fauna.

Besides tourism park called the Environmental Studies (TWSL), people in Probolinggo also know as green open space (RTH). As indeed there are many trees that add to the beauty and coolness.

5. A Thousand Gardens in Along The Way

To take advantage of unused land throughout the city of Probolinggo, Probolinggo City Government together with all levels of society in order to realize City of Probolinggo that BESTARI (Clean, Healthy, Orderly, Safe, Neat, Beautiful), then make the Thousand Gardens in along the way.

In addition Thousand park in Along the Way can also be used as a "rest area" (resting place) for the community.

6. The Management of Organic Waste Into Compost

Garbage is something that is generated due to human activities. Trash can generally be divided into several elements such as organic, plastic, paper, cans, glass, B3 and others. while organic waste is the largest percentage of the elements of the waste.

The organic waste can be used as fertilizer by first used as compost. With this, the utilization of waste bins will be economically viable. Similarly to other types of wastes.

In the Waste Management and Waste Unit , organic waste is processed to become compost or organic fertilizer. The compost produced is used as some kind of form, for example granules, pellets. The types are adapted to the needs or tastes of organic fertilizer users.



1. Mosque Tiban

Told that the making of this mosque happen in an instant, like a story in the manufacture of the Prambanan temple. From the stories that later this mosque named Masjid Tiban.

At this Tiban mosque has some uniqueness such as the existence of a stone found in the backyard which is said to be trusted never be a sanctuary of Sheikh Maulana.

Another uniqueness is that there are old wells where the water is believed to contain healing properties for all kinds of diseases and find a mate by mouth or used for bathing.

The location is very strategic Tiban mosque because it is located in the main street of the city, making it easier for local communities and outside the region to stop conducting worship.

2. Great Mosque Jannah Roudhlotul

This mosque is the Great Mosque of community pride Kota Probolinggo. Because of its location in the city center, exactly in the west of Town Square, increasingly makes this mosque visited by people both locally and outside the region.

Besides used as a place of worship, the mosque is often used for assemblies or write learn Koran and other religious activities. In front of the Great Mosque of the region there are also shops that sell a variety of goods Muslim needs at an affordable price.

3. The Red Church

The church building is located in the city center Probolinggo, precisely located at Jl. Suroyo 32 Probolinggo. The church was built in 1862. As the building is 145 years of age, the church building is still preserved the authenticity of form and keterawatannya.

Ornaments on the facade of the building characteristics, such as towers, doors and windows, which adopted the gothic style has not changed from its original form. In addition to the value of originality, aesthetic value of the building is also very well maintained. Cleanliness, as well as on the physical care of the building making it an architecturally beautiful building.

The church building is included in the main classification of the building and its environment that is physically original exterior form should never be changed. In the event of significant changes in this building are feared to change or fade the historical significance of the church building itself.

4. Tomb Joyolelono

Tomb, located in Kampung Sentono Mangunharjo Village has a high historical value. Kyai Joyolelono once a Regional Head Probolinggo first inducted. Joyolelono tomb is a symbol of the struggle for Probolinggo, because for services and high dedication can make Probolinggo growing rapidly.

For that to visit the Tomb of Joyolelono is a form of respect that as the next generation never forget the services predecessors.

5. Klentheng Dragon Source

Dragon pagoda source or place Worship Tri Dharma is the only place of worship for the Chinese community in the city of Probolinggo.

Various religious events are often held in this temple Dragon Resources, and the congregation of the temple is quite large. No wonder if every religious event organized church enthusiasm is high enough, both locally and outside the city of Kota Probolinggo Probolinggo.



1. Jaran Bodhak

In the terminology of the Java language "Jaran" meaning horse and "bodhak" (Javanese dialect East Java, especially the East) means containers, other forms. Although not known for sure the number of years since when art "Jaran Bodhak" The start was created and known by the public, Probolinggo, but from several sources note that "Jaran Bodhak" created by people Kota Probolinggo in the early days of independence.

At that time people Probolinggo, especially those edges and poor crave an art show. Performing arts are popular among people in Probolinggo is "Jaran Kecak", the horse (horse) which "ngencak" (dancing). "Jaran Kencak" designation in the local dialect to refer to the "Prancing Horse", a kind of performances which uses specially trained horses to dance and made up with clothes and accessories complete.

At among the poor, who because of poverty they can not afford to own or rent a horse for "Jaran Kencak", they make modifications Jaran Kencak with horse (horse) a clone. Made of wood resembling a horse's head to the neck, then the neck wooden horse was spliced ​​with equipment complete with accessories like "Jaran Kencak original", which enables a person can stand inside and surrounded by horse accessories.

"Riders" as if riding a horse a horse, and he stood up and walked (with own feet) with a neck supporting a horse's head complete with accessories so that from afar resemble those who ride "Jaran Kencak". That "Jaran Bodhak".

At present (City of Probolinggo present) "Jaran Bodhak" is still popular among the people in Probolinggo. And this art is usually used to accompany the bride circumcision celebration and parade.

2. Ludruk

Ludruk is a form of theater in which life is presented with the approach of the daily life in East Java community in general. As with the art Ketoprak that in its presentation featuring the legend or history packed neatly with wearing clothing and Java language, ludruk put forward by setting the most heroic stories about the lives of the people of East Java.

Ludruk grow and thrive in almost all areas in the eastern part of East Java, including in the area of ​​Probolinggo. Probolinggo typical ludruk display clearly has differences compared with ludruk-ludruk Surabaya or other areas, namely in the language used. Ludruk in Probolinggo using the Java language Ngoko mixed with Pesisiran Madurese language, either in form or dialog kidungan players.

Although the terms of the different languages ​​spoken, but in terms of grip still have the same story. Only in a few parts or additional scenes inserted scenes characterized by Probolinggo. And ludruk art is often found in events celebration.

3. Ojung

Ojung tradition is tradition at each other entities using rattan weapons played by two people. Both ojung participants will take turns hitting his opponent's body. If the participant one hit, then his opponent will try to parry and dodge.

This tradition is similar to the sport of Fencing, where residents are invited to compete techniques and the ability to hit each other by using the blade of rattan. There are rules of the game in this tradition, that every player has a ration hitting and parrying each 3 times. For whom much about his opponent when hit then he has won.

This tradition has a purpose to avoid a natural disaster or reject the arrival of reinforcements and are always held on a yearly basis. Another uniqueness of this tradition is before the show begins residents always do the ritual in advance in the form of prayers to the Almighty, so that these activities can run smoothly and without any unwanted bumps.

4. Bull Race Brujul

Bull Race Brujul actually stems from the everyday farmer plowing his field. Then developed into a race that is held on each rice planting season arrives. Brujul Bull Race was held in the area of ​​rice fields.

Each cow Bull Race Brujul win the race, certainly has a very high sale value. So cows that follow this race certainly has good enough quality. No wonder if the race is to expend considerable cost.

Because a large enough public enthusiasm, Bull Race Brujul is to serve as a tourist attraction City of Probolinggo. Now this race is no longer held in the rice-planting season only, but in the off-season is also often held.

5. Karapan Goats

Goat races actually stems from just being a drug saturation in everyday life after undergoing obligations as farmers or merchants. Goat races this is a race that is held once a year.

Just as karapan cows, goats using kaleles (wooden frame attached to the body of a goat), and then pitted pace with other couples opponents. In Karapan Goats, goats are contested not differentiated by size whether big or small. All are goats with female gender.

When in the course, these goats are equipped with some equipment. Some of the equipment used include ear clamps goats, rekeng (a kind of pendulum but glued), kaleles, kalonongan (made of small keleng usually traces of the matches). And in fact the most important equipment is balsam oil and wind. Because in some body parts will goats oil smeared with balsam and wind so the goats will feel the heat and will gallop over backwards.

The hallmark of a great goat races in the shape of the head which tend to be small, straight body, the base of the front legs look great, such as body position nungging, at least 3 months of age and not a son. Such a posture that often wins the race this goat races.



1. Monument Square

The building is located right in the heart City of Probolinggo, precisely located in the Town Square. Built in the early days of independence, precisely in 1946, the building has 61 years old still looks pretty good.

The historical significance of this building is very large for the City of Probolinggo. Various symbols of independence that has been achieved by the entire nation of Indonesia, the monument still maintained the authenticity of form and keterawatannya. The process of cleaning and regular maintenance is quite good causes this building does not undergo physical changes since its inception 61 years ago.

Aesthetic value to the building of this monument is very good. Located on City Square neighborhood Probolinggo were clean and beautiful enough to support the function monumentality of this monument.

2. Monument Square

The building is located in Town Square this Probolinggo, was founded in 1946. Currently, the age of the building has been 61 years and the condition of the monument buildings are still well preserved.

As well as building Monument Square , the historical significance of this building is huge for Kota Probolinggo. As a building that is a monument, the building is also still maintained the authenticity of form and keterawatannya.

3. Railway Station Probolinggo

Station building is one of the building that became the entry gate to the city of Probolinggo. The building is located at Jl. KH. Mansour 48 Probolinggo, founded approximately in the year 1920 -1930. Until now, the building has been the age of approximately 182 years to the physical condition of the building is still well preserved.

Judging from the originality of the building, there is almost no significant change from the beginning of the physical form of the building since its inception. Authenticity ornaments on fascade and space inside is still visible.

Greek style applied to gevel and arch shape on the window ornament that is the hallmark of the Baroque Rococo style and the neoclassical style curved shape at the door ornament is still visible authenticity.

Originality is still awake will automatically lead to the beauty of the building. This is what is on the face of Probolinggo City Station.

4. Bina Graha Harja

Graha building Bina Harja Probolinggo city is located on Jl. Suroyo 17. Built in the 1940s, the building has 67 years old is still pretty good condition.

Originality is still well preserved buildings, coupled with the ornaments on the front of this building in particular emphasized. Bina Graha Harja This includes one of the buildings that have historical significance for the City of Probolinggo.

5. Military Police Station V / 03

The building is located at Jl. Suroyo 7 Probolinggo. Built in the 1940s, the building has 67 years old physical condition is still very well maintained.

The physical condition of the building is quite good, with no significant damage to the building elements. That is because building maintenance system performed well enough. With good care, then the aesthetic value of the building to be increased.

6. Police Complex

The building is located at Jl. Dr. Saleh Probolinggo, founded approximately in the 1940s. Until now, the building's Home Office has aged less than 67 years. Although quite old, but the physical condition of the building is still very well maintained.

In addition to maintenance of buildings, the value of originality is still preserved in this building. This is done by not making major changes that could alter the shape of the original building. By retaining the originality of the building, there is a separate aesthetic impression on the building.

7. Kodim 0820

The building is located at Jl. Panglima Sudirman Probolinggo was built in 1953. At the age of 54 years is the age, physical condition of the building still looks good.

The treatment is carried out by the manager very well, so it does not cause the building suffered significant physical damage since its inception.

Feature ornament on the façade of the building, such as the form of columns, doors and windows, almost never experienced a significant change from the original formation. Characteristic of the old buildings still thick visible on the façade of the building. Values ​​originality, aesthetics, as well as building maintenance applied very well in this building.

8. Combat Engineering Battalion

The building is located at Jl. Soekarno Hatta Probolinggo was built in the 1940s. At the age of 67 years is the age, physical condition of the building still looks good. Value originality of the building still looks intact.

Formations on the roof elements, door and window still retains its original shape. It is also supported on the side of the building is good care, so that the building has a high value of beauty.

9. Hotel Luxor

The building is located at Jl. Dr. Sutomo 76 Probolinggo. Built in the 1940s, the building has 67 years old is still in good condition.

Authenticity physical form of the building is still maintained in accordance original form. There is almost no change in formations on the roof elements, porch railings, doors and windows, all still retaining its original shape.

10. Hotel Tentrem

The building is located at Jl. Panglima Sudirman 19 Probolinggo. Built in the 1940s, the building has 67 years old still looks good condition.

The authenticity of the physical form of the building is still maintained in accordance original form. There is almost no change in formations on the roof elements, porch railings, doors and windows, all still retaining its original shape.

11. Slaughter House (RPH)

The building is located at Jl. A. Yani 35 Probolinggo. Built in the 1940s, the building has 67 years old still looks pretty good condition.

Originality physical form of the building is still maintained in accordance original form. Almost no change in shape of the roof elements, doors and windows, all still retaining its original shape. Side of the building maintenance was also performed quite well, thus supporting the aesthetic value of the building.

12. SDK Mater Dei

Mater Dei SDK building is located in the center of the city of Probolinggo, precisely located at Jl. Suroyo 36 Probolinggo. Built in 1926, the building has 81-year-old still looks very good condition.

The building is still maintained cleanliness and keterawatannya. The system of regular maintenance by the manager who is quite good causes this building does not undergo significant physical damage since its inception. Feature ornament on the facade of the building, such as gevel, great columns, doors and windows, unchanged from the original formation. Characteristic of neoclassical buildings still thick visible on the facade of the building, especially the building openings ornament.

The aesthetic value of the building has been maintained very well. Cleanliness, as well as on the physical care of the building making it an aesthetically pleasing building.



Probolinggo city is very well known with grapes and mangoes. But this time the City of Probolinggo so heavily promoting wine as a superior product Probolinggo.

King Bestari wines selected as the mainstay of fruit to attract tourists. King Bestari reasons for choosing wine because wine has a higher sweetness level compared with other wines, namely up to 18 degrees brix. The price is relatively cheap ranging from 15 thousand to 20 thousand per kilogram.

The agro-tourism, tourists will be invited to pick, pluck and enjoy the fresh grapes typical of Probolinggo. If intending to bring it as souvenirs, tourists can buy travel agro area with a fairly cheap price and best quality wines.


Culinary variety of foods can be found in the town of Probolinggo around Probolinggo Town Square. With the support of a comfortable, safe, and clean, the visitors will feel the joy of culinary at this place. The price offered was quite affordable and convenient transportation facilities, further add to the comfort of being in the City of Probolinggo.



Been to Kota Probolinggo not complete without buying souvenirs typical of Probolinggo. One is the "Le Ollena" which is the center of souvenirs Probolinggo. Various typical products Probolinggo can be found here as Krupuk Bone Fish, Fish Crackers Jenggelek, etc.

Obviously with a relatively affordable price and reliable quality assurance. In addition, if travelers want to shop as much can be found at Jl. Dr. Soetomo. Where in this area there are shops-shops which provide a variety of needs, from clothes to everyday needs. Among them are KDS Store, Graha Mulia, Sinar Terang, etc.

The price offered is relatively cheap and the quality is not inferior to products outside the town of Probolinggo.

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