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Name Home Wahidin been its location is a residential area of Dr Wahidin Road No. 8 Probolinggo, East Java​​. Wahidin house has a meaning as a Guest Shelter Home (Guest House) which is modern minimalist with a touch of traditional ethnic and beautiful atmosphere like the house itself, which provides peace and comfort for the guests with friendly service, warm and familial.

Meaning house and the name of Wahidin accommodate local content areas in Indonesia in general. Expected guests will feel like staying at home alone. Wahidin home officially opened on Friday, November 11, 2011 (11-11 -11) to coincide with the opening of the Games Sea Games 26 in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Strategically located in the middle of the city close to the center of government Probolinggo, offices, banks, department stores and hypermarkets, various restaurants and street hawker centers, hospitals, pharmacies, Football Stadium Bayuangga & Sports Arena A. Yani, Railway Station and Probolinggo Town Square.

Inspiration and ideas emerging from the establishment of the Home Wahidin the owner while on duty in Indosat Jember in 2005. He was impressed with the design and arrangement of Mr. Triono Boarding House beautiful and efficient even though the land is not too extensive. From there suddenly appeared "inspiration" to open a boarding house business when his retirement later.

To realize the "dream", the owner bought a plot of 805 M2 in Dr Wahidin Road No. 8 Probolinggo in 2009 from the owner's Mrs Iin. Design architect Home Wahidin by Endah Sri Palupi completed in October 2010. Design logo Home Wahidin by Iman Setiobudy, ITS Product Design graduate. While the Tag Line originated from the idea of ​​thinking Fitriana (the wife of the owner), where She and Iman Setiobudy are alumni of P ublic Senior High School 1 Probolinggo.

The owner filed for early retirement as of 1 April 2011 after working for 31 years, while laying the first stone in the construction of Home Wahidin on Monday, April 4, 2011 with no planned turned out to coincide with the birthday of deceased mother-in-law Mrs. Hj Nurjanah that to 73 years.

Glance meaning logo Home Wahidin : Curved Line : Protects, Reassuring ; Copper Brown color : Modern ; The composition of the letters HOME : a Spacious Home, Friendly ; The composition of letters Wahidin : Widen = Open, Warm ; Green color : Still Maintaining Eastern Cultures ; Picture Tree Taking Shape Of The letter "R & W" : Indicates a Beautiful Atmosphere ; Beside the tree position Wahidin Left Home : Home Departing From Natural Environment and Culture Around.

Meaning tag line Atmosphere Make at Home ; the word "Make" : indicates "present" (up to date) ; Atmosphere Make at Home : expected the occupants feel at home (happy & comfortable) that want to stay longer or come back again.


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